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Our Staff

We have such a great staff team here at Foxyards who do their best to ensure our children are well looked after and receive a world class education.


Mrs W Jackson



Mrs J Read

Deputy Headteacher

Teaching Staff

A Atkins - Sports Coach

R Hannon - Teacher/Assistant Headteacher

M Adams - Teacher

J Ainger - Teacher

S Chilton - Teacher

H Davies - Teacher

K Earnshaw - Teacher

S Hadley - Teacher

F Healey - Teacher

M Hughes - Teacher

M Levesley - Teacher

E Pryke - Teacher

E Smith - Teacher

M Attwell - Teaching Assistant

Z Butler - Teaching Assistant/Breakfast Club

J Dowley - Teaching Assistant

A France - Teaching Assistant

A Griffiths - Teaching Assistant

P Hill - Teaching Assistant

E Kirkpatrick - Teaching Assistant

L Staniland - Teaching Assistant

T Wall - Teaching Assistant


Support Staff

K Chatterley - Administration Assistant

E Timmins - Afterschool Club

S McManus - Afterschool Club/Breakfast Club

D Davies - Business Manager

D Chilton - Cleaner

S Noake - Cleaner

T Peters - Cleaner

K Blakeway - Cleaner/Lunchtime Supervisor

D Nicklin - Cleaner/Lunchtime Supervisor

J Dupree - Lunchtime Supervisor

A Evans - Lunchtime Supervisor

S Khurshid - Lunchtime Supervisor

M McEvoy - Lunchtime Supervisor

K Southall - Lunchtime Supervisor

L Malpass-Rust - Pastoral Manager

All queries asked by members of the public / parents / carers will be answered by Mrs D. Davies.

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