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The Nursery classroom at Foxyards Academy was completely refurbished in 2021 and is a bright and engaging learning space for the children. Our stimulating and enjoyable environment is designed to create the best possible hands-on learning experiences for your child and their developing independence.  


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum is designed to nurture your child's development in a creative and fun way, offering them the foundations for learning, playing and exploring at the same time. Our Nursery curriculum concentrates on activities that develop communication and language skills, physical development, problem solving and mathematics, understanding of the world, creative development and personal and emotional development. You can find out more about the curriculum, daily timetable and termly plans by clicking here.

Our nurturing, caring and experienced staff create an environment which is secure and supportive but also helps your children to build their resilience as they grow and explore. Our nursery is currently staffed by Mr Ainger and Mrs Wall. Please learn more about our wonderful staff here

We understand that every child is unique, so we tailor our nursery education to your child’s individual needs and interests. Not only do we plan a rigorous timetable of learning for the children that develops the skills and knowledge needed to progress into their Reception year, but it also allows the flexibility for children to develop their own interests and schemas at their own pace.


At Foxyards Academy we firmly believe that the foundations of a successful education start with you, the parents. We are committed to providing the best care and education for your child and are here to help offer you support and advice every step of the way. We hold termly workshops where you can come to school and take part in fun learning activities with your children, we also have events like ‘The Mystery Reader’ program where you can come and read to the whole class. 

At Foxyards Academy, we look forward to teaching your child and helping them to become confident, curious and independent life-long learners.  

Thank you for considering us for your child’s educational journey. 

To apply for a place at Foxyards Nursery please click here

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