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Whether you're considering enrolling your child in the early years or transitioning them to a new school year, our goal is to create a seamless and supportive experience for your family. We invite you to explore Foxyards Academy, where academic excellence, a nurturing environment and a vibrant community converge to provide an exceptional educational journey for every child.

For normal point of entry, i.e. applications to Reception, parents must apply to the home LA in which they reside.


For In Year admissions, In accordance with the Trust’s current admission arrangements, parents must apply to the relevant LA that the school sits in (which may not necessarily be where the family resides). In year applications for Dudley schools are processed by Dudley LA, Sandwell schools by Sandwell LA, and Wolverhampton schools by Wolverhampton LA.

Our school sits under Dudley Council. Please contact them regarding Admissions to Foxyards Academy.



01902 553230


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