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Message from the Head

My name is Mrs W Jackson

And I'm hugely proud to be the Headteacher here at Foxyards Academy! Take a look around our website to find out more about what we do here at Foxyards, I look forward to meeting you soon...

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Mrs W Jackson


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Foxyards Fox

Our values-based school nurtures inquisitiveness and imagination through a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum, where learning is at the heart of all that we do.

Our children learn to become resilient and confident in an environment where they feel valued and encouraged. 

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Our School Values

Our values are at the very heart of everything that happens at Foxyards, in classrooms, on the playground and beyond.  We aim to provide the best possible education for all our children in a nurturing, caring and respectful environment.

We aim to teach our children what each of our values mean and what they look like in our school.

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At our school, caring is the heartbeat of our community. We embrace a culture where kindness and empathy thrive. Children learn the importance of looking out for one another, fostering a supportive environment where every individual feels valued. Through thoughtful actions and a genuine concern for others, we nurture a sense of belonging and compassion that extends beyond the classroom, preparing our students to make a positive impact on the world around them.


Respect is the cornerstone of our school community. We instill in our children the profound understanding that each individual is unique and valuable. Through intentional teachings and leading by example, we promote a culture of respect where differences are not just acknowledged but celebrated. Children learn to listen actively, consider diverse perspectives, and treat everyone with courtesy. Our commitment to fostering respect extends to the broader community, creating an inclusive environment that prepares children to engage with the world with understanding and appreciation.

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Imagination takes flight at our school as we celebrate and cultivate creativity in every learner. We believe in fostering a vibrant atmosphere where innovative thinking is not only encouraged but celebrated. Through a dynamic curriculum and a supportive community, children are inspired to express themselves creatively, explore new ideas, and think beyond boundaries. Our commitment to nurturing creativity empowers children to become inventive problem solvers and forward-thinkers, prepared to shape a world that values ingenuity.


Resilience is a key pillar in our school ethos. We empower our children with the strength to navigate challenges and setbacks with courage and determination. Through a supportive learning environment and tailored programs, we cultivate a mindset that embraces adversity as an opportunity for growth. Children learn to bounce back from setbacks, adapt to change, and persevere in the face of difficulties. Our commitment to fostering resilience equips children with the confidence and tenacity to overcome obstacles, preparing them for success in both their academic journey and in life beyond the classroom.

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