Foxyards Academy uniform 

General Uniform
• Sweatshirt* or cardigan* - blue
• Polo shirt* - white (with/without logo)
• Socks – black, white or grey
• Tights – black or grey 
• Trousers/shorts/skirts/pinafores – grey
• Summer dresses – light blue gingham 
• Sensible shoes – black. Shoes should be plain with no sports branding
o (no high heels, trainers, strappy sandals, beach shoes or flip flops)
• Book bag

PE Uniform

• T-shirt* – plain pale blue (with or without logo)
• Shorts* – plain black 
• Tracksuit – plain dark tracksuit or jogging bottoms/jumper for outdoor activities. 
• Pumps* – black (for indoor)
• Trainers – plain/white or dark (for outdoor)
• Named pump bag* for PE kit. 

All of our branded uniform is available from Crested Schoolwear in Dudley. 

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Foxyards Academy

Foxyards Road,Tipton,
Dudley, DY4 8BH
Telephone: 01902 553230