At Foxyards Academy, we believe that teaching your child to read and write using synthetic phonics is key to a successful lifelong love of learning.  

The Read Write Inc. program is used across the whole school to systematically support your child to read.  

Many of the stories that you read at home to your children will have been developing phonic and attention skills long before they start any formal education. Asking questions about the story, noticing rhymes or alliteration in the text, making predictions about what will happen next or being able to hold the book the right way up, turn the pages and ‘play’ at reading are key skills that you child needs before phonics education begins. 

At our nursery, children start by developing their awareness of story structures, characters, rhythm and rhyme through three times daily story sessions, singing nursery rhymes and songs. Once they have developed this understanding of spoken grammar and that words are made of much smaller sound bites (phonemes) then they can begin formal phonics teaching in the Summer term. 

You will be invited for a Phonics meeting before your child starts Read Write Inc. at the end of the Spring term. 

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