Number Land


The Number Land program at Foxyards Academy Nursery is designed to teach children the basic building blocks of mathematics through engaging and interactive stories and manipulatives. Number Land in a fun and engaging program that teaches children how to count to 10 and beyond, identify and write the numerals 0-9, recognise 2D shapes and identify corners and sides. It also helps children to develop their problems solving skills by listening to stories that are presented by the different numbers each week. 

The program is designed to be interactive and engaging with a focus on hands-on activities, songs, games and manipulatives that develop our mastery approach to maths. 

Each child is given a Number Land Passport at the beginning of the academic year and by showing their understanding and skills through adult lead activities they gain stamps towards their Number Land awards. The first Number Land award is for Number 1 and the last is for Number 10. 

By developing a strong foundation of mathematical concepts, spatial awareness, subitising, number/shape recognition Number Land provides children with skills they can build upon as they grow and develop. 

“Number Land, where every step is a discovery and every solution is a celebration.” 

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The Number Land program at Foxyards Academy Nursery was adapted, developed and extended from ‘Let’s Visit Numberland’ by Barbara Schindelhauer.  


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