Mystery Reader

Every Friday the children are surprised by a Mystery Reader© who comes to our classroom to read a story to all the children. 

At 14:45 for 15 minutes every Friday a different parent comes to our class to read a story. The children are always excited to see who it will be, as it could be anyone – their Mum, Dad, Uncle, Aunty, Grandma or Grandad. The Mystery Reader can choose their own book to read or read from our extensive library, but the most important part is that the children do not know who is coming in to read the story. 

Mystery Reader provides and opportunity for parents to get involved in their child’s education and to help promote a love of reading to al the children by being a positive role model. It also allows the children to listen to a variety of stories, which will expand their imagination and understanding of the world and cultures around them. 

We understand that some parents may not be confident readers, but that should not be a barrier to participating in the Mystery Reader program (the children are always very well behaved). We encourage parents to read a story that they know off by heart in these instances or even tell a story using props, puppets or illustrations. The most important thing is that you child sees you engaging with stories and sharing a love for books. 

We encourage all parents to take part in their initiative and the make the most of this opportunity to get involved. If you are interested in participating, letters are sent home at the beginning of the term for you to advise your class teacher of your availability. 

"Every week, a new storyteller, every week a new surprise." 


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