Chatter Box

Every week two children in our Nursery are invited to take part in our Chatter Box© initiative, that develops the students speaking and listening skills in a fun and interactive way. 

The children are sent home with a special box that should be filled with different items, a toy, trinket, something that they have collected, pictures of family, tickets, or anything else that is special to them. This will give them the opportunity to practice their public speaking skills and share information about something that interests them.  

The children in class listening will have to listen carefully and ask questions about the objects in the box, allowing them to practice their active listening skills. Additionally, it allows students to learn about their friends interests and to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world around them and different cultures and communities. 

We encourage all parents to support their children to choose special items to place into their box when it is their opportunity to take part. The boxes aren’t very big (about the size of a child’s shoe box), so due to space and fairness we ask that all items fit into the box. 

“Unleash your voice, share your world” 


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