Pupil Leadership

At Foxyards Academy we are keen to develop the leadership potential of our children. We have a range of leadership opportunities already available in school and we will continue to develop this over the coming years. Mr Shaw is responsible for the development and leadership of our pupil leaders.

Meet our pupil leaders:

Senior Pupil Leaders

Our senior pupil leaders are responsible for running the Junior Leadership Team meetings to ensure that pupils across Foxyards get to have their say in a range of school matters. They are excellent role models for others to aspire to and they embody our Family Values in everything that they do. They also represent our school at a range of different events.

Junior Leadership Team (JLT)

Our Junior Leadership Team (JLT) at Foxyards gives all of our children a voice. Our children’s thoughts and reflections about our curriculum, learning opportunities and surroundings are all highly valued and taken seriously. We have elected members in each class from year 2 to year 6. The JLT meet every fortnight and the children take part in discussions and projects, while being the voices of their classes. Our Head Boy and Head Girl are also part of the JLT and offer support to the rest of the children, especially those in Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2. 

Digital Leaders

At Foxyards we want all of our children to become responsible and respectful online citizens. Our Digital Leaders are our E-Safety ambassadors and they are responsible for helping other children use technology within classrooms, work collaboratively on projects throughout the school, whilst keeping themselves and others safe online. 

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

We have a group of children who have been trained to be our anti-bullying ambassadors. The children in school know who the ambassadors are and know they can approach them at any time if they need support. The ambassadors go to each classroom weekly to check the anti-bullying boxes, some children find it easier to write down what is worrying them. The ambassadors work with a member of staff to read the notes and they then work together to support the children with their issues. 

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